Guy Dill was born in 1946. He received his education at Chouinard Institute of Art, Los Angeles, California (BFA-Honors) in 1970. Guy Dill presently works in Venice, California, and Brussels, Belgium.

Dill, whose work is collected and exhibited around the world, is one of the acknowledged contemporary masters of large-scale, abstract sculptural work. His bronzes, while not figurative, often suggest the lines, curves, and lithe swoop of bodies and of movement itself.

His 14-foot-high fabricated bronze sculpture for Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, entitled ‘Boon’, is a particularly notable example of his signature style. Its whorls and curves make the piece seem to be dancing, its shape suggestive, within its swirls, of joy.

“Guy Dill is one of our contemporary sculptors who have consistently over the past twenty years been able to achieve what might be called meaningful monumentality- that is, a significant scale to his work that isn’t wasted, that holds up against the test of large, outdoor space and proclaims itself as needing to be made in monumental proportions.”

Dill has had over fifty one-man exhibitions, in cities including: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London and Brussels.