Tony Soulié was born on December 9th 1955 and lives and works in Paris.
Tony Soulié is a recognized artist of the “new abstraction”. Opposing their elders of the School of Paris, the painters of his generation formed their approach and attitude in contact with the conceptual artists, those of the narrative figuration or land art.
In his works, he often recourses to the practices of these artists: direct intervention in the landscape, use of photography, written taglines.
Tony Soulié manages to combine his works as a painter and his taste for voyages in open and extreme landscape like deserts, shores, volcanoes, dense forests. Nomadic artist, his expeditions are the occasion of ephemeral installation from which the photographic trace becomes, when back in the workshop, the mediumnic support of his work.
Shamanic artist, he tours the world to the encounter with the primal elements, earth, water, wind, fire...On the road, which from one continent to another leads us to the mythological sources, sometimes appear human figures – fishermen of Zanzibar, kid boxers of Havana – ghostly figures made terribly sensitive by memory.