TASCHEN at Zane Bennett.


Murals of Tibet by TASCHEN at Zane Bennet Gallery
Murals of Tibet.


Lovers of beautiful books, rejoice! Zane Bennett Contemporary Art is now an official seller of TASCHEN Books, the revolutionary German imprint that deserves its own art museum. TASCHEN has collaborated with the likes of David HockneyChristo & Jeanne-Claude and Beatriz Milhazes to produce limited edition books that are true works of art. We’re particularly excited about their new title Murals of Tibet, an epic chronicle of some of the greatest treasures of Buddhist culture and Tibetan heritage.

For more than a decade, photographer Thomas Laird traveled the length, breadth, and far-flung corners of Tibet’s plateau to capture the land’s spectacular Buddhist murals. Deploying new multi-image digital photography, Laird compiled the world’s first archive of these artworks, some walls as wide as 10 meters, in life-size resolution. In recognition of this World Heritage landmark and preservation of Tibetan culture, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has signed all copies of this Collector’s Edition. As pictured, Murals of Tibetcomes with a stand designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect and humanitarian pioneer Shigeru Ban.

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David Hockney TASCHEN Book at Zane Bennett David Hockney, A Bigger Book

Andy Warhol TASCHEN book at Zane Bennett Gallery
Andy Warhol, Seven Illustrated Books, 1952 – 1959


TASCHEN book by Christopher Wool at Santa Fe gallery
Christopher Wool


The Gates by Christo and Jeanne-Claude book at Zane Bennett
Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The Gates


TASCHEN book Beatriz Millhazes at Zane Bennett
Beatriz Milhazes

A letter from Sandy Zane

Creative Santa Fe- Disruptive Futures Dialogue Series- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art- Santa Fe New Mexico

I have been a board member of Creative Santa Fe for several years and I believe passionately in the mission of this organization. I want you to know about some very exciting new projects happening in 2018. In addition to addressing Santa Fe’s urgent affordable housing crisis with the Siler Yard Arts + Creativity Center, a low income, 60 unit, live-work space for artists, we are launching a new initiative called the Disruptive Futures Dialogues Series.

This series will be a year-long community engagement in partnership with organizations throughout the city and the region to envision the future of Santa Fe. We will focus on the key question: What do we want Santa Fe, and the world, to look like for Future Generations, and how do we get there from here?

Each dialogue will address a critical issue our city faces which also reflects global issues, including: affordable housing, job creation, the upcoming mayoral election, the environment, film & technology, nuclear weapons, and cyber connectivity. We recognize that progress can only be made by breaking down silos, bringing diverse voices to the conversation, and finding what connects rather than separates us. It is our goal that at the end of this year of engagements and dialogues that we will have a clear action plan to continue working on key initiatives and building ongoing partnerships to strengthen our economy and help build a sustainable future for our city.

Your interest and support is vital for Creative Santa Fe to become a leader in connecting our community, creating city-wide conversations, and effecting positive change throughout the city. We hope you will support Creative Santa Fe with a year-end gift to help us continue on our path to ensure that Santa Fe is a healthy, vibrant, and thriving city for generations to come.

To donate and/or to be on our mailing list, click here, mail a check to PO Box 2388 Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87504, or call Executive Director, Cyndi Conn at 505-288-3538.

Thank you in advance for your support and belief in Creative Santa Fe.

Wishing you the very best for the holidays and the new year,

Sandy Zane, Owner

Zane Bennett Contemporary Art | form & concept

Unwrap a Christo.

Christo Artwork- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art- Santa Fe New Mexico

“All our projects are like fabulous expeditions,” said Christo (b.1935). “The story of each project is unique. Our projects have no precedent.” It’s a bold statement to make, but hard to deny when you look at the staggering output of Christo and his late, great partner Jeanne-Claude (1935-2009). Starting in the early 1960’s, they set out to wrap the world in flowing cloth. They’ve managed to cover quite a lot of ground since then, from Central Park to the Reichstag. Three new prints in our collection depict wrapped objects that are not monumental in size—but just as culturally significant. Wrapped Telephone shows an L.M. Ericsson design that’s iconic of early 20th century communication. Wrapped Motorcycle/Sidecar and Wrapped Automobile capture two symbols of freewheeling American innnovation. Both of the new prints come with complimentary gifts, pictured below. It’s a unique opportunity to “unwrap” a Christo this holiday season.

Image: Copyright 1963 Christo.

Christo Lithograph- Wrapped Ericsson Model Telephone- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art- Santa Fe New Mexico

Wrapped Telephon, Project for L.M. Ericsson Model
color lithograph with mixed-media collage
28 x 22 in.
year: 1985

This piece comes with a complimentary
L.M. Ericsson Model telephone, pictured below. 

                                               Christo- Wrapped Telephone- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art- Santa Fe New MexicoChristo- Wrapped Telephone- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art- Santa Fe New Mexico


Christo Lithograph- Wrapped Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and Sidecar- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art- Santa Fe New Mexico

Wrapped Motorcycle/Sidecar (Project for Harley-Davidson 1933 VL Model)
color lithograph with mixed-media collage
19.626 x 21.875 in.
year: 1997

This piece comes with a complimentary toy
Harley-Davidson 1933 VL Model with sidecar, pictured below.

                                               Christo- Wrapped Motorcycle- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art- Santa Fe New Mexico Christo- Wrapped Motorcycle- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art- Santa Fe New Mexico

Christo Lithograph- Wrapped Blue Studebaker Car- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art- Santa Fe New Mexico

Wrapped Automobile
(Project for 1950 Studebaker Champion, Series 9 G Coupe)

lithograph with mixed-media collage
17 x 21 in.
year: 2015

This piece comes with a complimentary die-cast
Champion Blue Studebaker, pictured below.

Christo- Wrapped Studebaker Automobile- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art- Santa Fe New Mexico

Christo Lithograph- Wrapped Statues- The Glyptothek- Munich Germany- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art

Wrapped Statues, the Glyptothek, Munich
serigraph and photo collage
35 x 27 inches
year: 1988

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