Lesley Dill: Emotive Effects

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“Meaning is in us already, waiting to wake up,” said Lesley Dill (b. 1950). “I feel grateful for waking up through words.” The New York artist works in a wide variety of media—sculpture, performance, printmaking, drawing, and photography—but each work explores the power of language. In Dill’s 2005 lithograph collage, Woman With Hindi Healing Dress, a figure wears a swirling skirt covered in cascading Hindi text. Even if you can’t read the language, the threaded compositional elements and serene palette communicate everything you need to know. This is an artwork imbued with the spirit of a healer.

Lesley Dill
Woman With Hindi Healing Dress
lithograph, collage, plexi box
14.75 x 10.62 x 2.25 in