The Darkness In Red | Anish Kapoor

Untitled 6, etching, 30 x 35 in, 2007

“Red is the color of the interior of our bodies,” says Anish Kapoor (b. 1954) “Red is the center. I have a feeling that the darkness it reveals is a much deeper and darker darkness than that of blue or black.”

For nearly four decades, Kapoor has been captivated by the color red, creating intense pigments out of an array of mediums. The Bombay-born artist describes it as the color of the earth, blood, and body.



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Untitled 1, etching, 30 x 35 in, 2007

Renowned for his sculptures, Kapoor’s biomorphic forms blur the boundaries between architecture and art. Massive in scale and made with diverse mediums— including mirrors, granite, marble, wax, and PVC—Kapoor’s work often undulates throughout their environment.

Untitled 1 and Untitled 6 embody this motif, seeming to sink inwards and downwards. Both etchings are striking studies in the relationship between yellow and red.

“Yellow is the passionate part of red,” Kapoor explains. “That’s how I understood yellow… next to the red.”

Richard Serra: Steel on Paper

Richard Serra- Works on Paper- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art- Santa Fe New Mexico
Bryan Derballa / Wall Street Journal.

It takes radical alchemy to imbue paper with the physicality of steel. Richard Serra (b. 1939) does just that in his etching Paths and Edges #13.  In the early 1970’s, around the same time that he took up printmaking, Serra created his first monumental steel sculptures. The decades-spanning series would come to define post-war, Post-Minimalist art. Sculptors often use printmaking to conceptualize work, but Serra makes prints in reaction to his completed sculptures. The artist sees the practice as “…a method for me to bring sculpture to definition, i.e., to understand the work in totality after its completion.” That’s how his prints so viscerally capture the simultaneous motion and inertia of his monolithic sculptures. Scroll down to view Paths and Edges #13 from the Zane Bennett Contemporary Art collection.

Image: Richard Serra by Christopher Felver, silver gelatin print

Richard Serra
Paths and Edges #13
Etching on buff Lanaquarelle watercolor paper
23.5 x 35.25 in

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