Bird’s Eye View: Lu Xinjian

Lu Xinjian- City DNA Paintings- Zane Bennett Contemporary Art- Santa Fe New Mexico
Lu Xinjian, City DNA Santa Fe, acrylic on linen, 47.5 x 59.38 in, 2015

Can you find Zane Bennett Contemporary Art? Using aerial photos sourced from Google Earth, Lu Xinjian (b. 1977) meticulously depicted the streets of Santa Fe in acrylic on linen. City DNA Santa Fe is part of a larger series by the Chinese artist, where he reduces far-flung metropolises into densely patterned abstractions. Lu Xinjian hasn’t visited many of the places that appear in the expansive City DNA series. He completes each immense painting in his studio in China, traveling the globe through his brush and imagination. From Beijing to New York City to Amsterdam, Lu Xinjian precisely and energetically captures each city’s visual rhythm.

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