El Anatsui (born 1944) is a Ghanaian sculptor active for much of his career in Nigeria. He has drawn particular international attention for his iconic "bottle-top installations", distinctive large-scale assemblages of thousands of pieces of aluminium sourced from alcohol recycling stations and sewn together with copper wire, transformed into metallic cloth-like wall sculptures in a way that can "draw connections between consumption, waste, and the environment".

The colorful and densely patterned fields of the works assembled from discarded liquor-bottle caps also trace a broader story of colonial and postcolonial economic and cultural exchange in Africa, told in the history of cast-off materials. 

El Anatsui has exhibited his work around the world, including the Brooklyn Museum (2013), Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (2008–09); National Museum of African Art, the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, D.C. (2008); Venice Biennale (2007); the National Museum of African Art (2001), and many more.