Frederic Bouffandeau


Frédéric Bouffandeau  (born 1966)  is an emerging artist that has been developing his own personal direction, using an iconic form of the flower, since graduating from Beaux Arts in Paris, France.

Bouffandeau’s choice of medium is vested in the possibilities offered by the unique properties of paper, canvas, neon, and aluminum and their ability to realize the fundamental message in his work: understanding the core of a color, the intricacies of a particular color and how it interacts with both other colors and the human perception.  Though his neon works take on specific forms, by showing on the walls, floors, and ceilings, he becomes unhindered by the space. His fascination lies within the multiplication of a structure as seen through different media and how the structure consequently changes.

Bouffandeau hopes to continue his work with neon and sees an opportunity to expand on his already brilliant foundations. 


Related Works

  • The wall sculptures of Bouffandeau belong to a vibrant archive of neon works which include those of fellow French sculptor Francois Morellet and Native artist Jaque Fragua.

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