Ibrahim Miranda


Ibrahim Miranda (b. 1969, Cuba) is a painter, engraver, professor and pioneer of contemporary Cuban art. His technique of texturally layering maps and images allows him to reimagine the borders of Cuba, expanding the possibilities for all that the country can represent. He explores themes of isolation and metamorphosis through the changing psychological landscape of his cartographic work, entwining it with his own personal history and relationship to the land. Miranda’s Mapaglifos series imaginatively redefines the borders of cities as animals, ascribing symbolic meaning to each metropolis and chronicling the shape-shifting nature of our annexed world. 


Miranda is a native of Pinar del Rio. He studied at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, and shortly after graduation began exhibiting work in Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and the United States. A masterful innovator of cartographic printmaking, Miranda’s prints are exhibited globally with permanent collections in the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Cuba) and Casa de las Americas (Cuba). He currently lives and works in Havana.


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