Jill O'Bryan: Breathing with the Elements

11 June - 27 August 2022

Thousands of New Mexicans have passed Jill O’Bryan’s yellow-and-black billboards on I-25 South between Santa Fe and Las Vegas, New Mexico. The latest sign is on view through March 2022, and reads “7.5 billion of us breathing together right this moment.” Not too far from where it sits is O’Bryan’s studio, situated atop a mesa outside Las Vegas. This is where she breathes, connects with the earth and creates artwork distilled from her experience.


Breathing with the Elements offers an intimate window into O’Bryan’s world. She explores her relationship to the land through new breath paintings, eight-foot frottages (ground rubbings) and small, never-before-exhibited photographs. New works from O’Bryan’s well-known series of breath drawings align the breath with the body, and the mind with the world.



Friday, June 24, 5-7pm: Reception with the artist