"Water Memories" at the Metropolitan Museum Spotlights Cara Romero

New York, New York
We are delighted to witness the warm reception of Water Memories, a show at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City curated by Patricia Norby Marroquin (Purépecha). The show features works from Cara Romero, Cannupa Hanska Lugar, and Courtney M. Leonard, all of whom have exhibited with us.

Romero has said that ["Water Memory", a large-format 2015 photograph] was inspired by a catasrophic event in  Native History: the construction...of the Parker Dam on the Colorado River...And much of what's in this show is, explicitly or not, about the Indigenous struggle to retain control over use of water and land.

[The exhibit is in a fine arts museum, not an anthropological one, so there are plenty of gorgeous objects, like] a pile of what looks like shiny, hollow, whale teeth on a weathered dock. That piece, by the Shinnecock artist Courtney M. Leonard, is one of Norby's favorites...

"They glow. They're beautiful. They're pearlescent. You want to almost want to reach out and touch them because of their their smooth texture," she said. Then she laughed. "But we highly recommend that people do not do that here at the museum."

Cannupa Hanska Luger co-curated Broken Boxes at form & concept in 2017 and was a participant in our inaugural show, Made In the Desert, alongside Courtney M. Leonard. Stunning photogravure prints from Cara Romero were recently shown in Black Rock Editions: A Print Showcase at Zane Bennett Gallery.
July 15, 2022