Closing Reception: Dancing with the Elements: 4:00 pm (MT)

27 August 2022 
435 S. Guadalupe St. Free

Join dancers Tamara Johnson and Whitney Jones as they perform a responsive dance performance in celebration of artist Jill O'Bryan's exhibition, Breathing with the Elements

Dancers Whitney Jones, formerly of Uroboros Collective, and Tamara Johnson, Executive Director and Co-Artistic Director of Santa Fe's MoveWest, perform an interactive movement meditation exploring the significations, aesthetics and creative process of the installation. Gallery visitors will observe as the dance is co-created in the moment in answer to the art, people and energy present. 


The performance and installation will serve as a ritual, honoring the elements, cycles and power of nature in a way that underscores the soulful universality of O’Bryan’s recent works. Breathing with the Elements pushes us to imagine corporeal ways of connecting with the world at large, and the site-specific, fluid improvisations of Jones and Johnson connect these works in an entirely new, emotive way.

Tamara Johnson
 is a writer, educator and dancer living in Santa Fe, NM. She currently serves as the Executive Director and Co-artistic Director of MoveWest, and has written for Southwest Contemporary and Dance Magazine, among other publications.


Whitney Jones is a classically trained dancer and a former member and co-founder of Uroboros Collective, which performed at Jill O’Bryan’s 2017 Center for Contemporary Art exhibition in Santa Fe, NM. Jones currently serves as the Grants Coordinator of the LANL Foundation.


Jill O'Bryan is an artist whose practice lives between meditation and aesthetics. Though the artist's practice initially centered painting, a fruitful love affair with the tranquility of Southwestern landscapes combined with a diligent practice of mindfulness has enabled O'Bryan to expand into works both 2D and sculptural that examine the place of breath and the body in relation to the natural world.