Under the Influence

31 May - 13 July 2019

“Prints are having a revival,” says curator Kylee Aragon. “And the conversation is shifting. It’s not just a piece of paper—it’s fine art.” This May, Zane Bennett presents Under the Influence, an exhibition that captures the zeitgeist of printmaking in the 1960’s and 1970’s and its enduring influence on artists and printmakers in the modern day.


Cirrus, Gemini G.E.L, and Tamarind Institute began working with art world giants in the 60’s. Together, they revitalized a dying art form. Print workshops became hubs to push the boundaries of medium; artists experimented with new concepts, expanded their oeuvre, and invented new techniques. Their efforts re-established printmaking as an accessible fine art medium and sparked a new enthusiasm for the discipline.