Radius Books x Zane Bennett: A Matt Magee Satellite Show

26 February - 15 May 2021

In conjunction with Random Order, a Satellite Show of Matt Magee's works on paper is on view at Radius Books, located at 227 East Palace Avenue in Santa Fe, NM. To book an appointment, email Megan Mulry at megan@radiusbooks.org.


Matt Magee produced this print series in residency at Michael Woolworth in Paris. The artist’s work poetically explores visual mapping systems, repetition and sequencing, often using a personal language of dots and dashes that suggest Morse code. Magee, who spent two decades working as Robert Rauschenberg's chief photo archivist, refers to himself as a “hunter-gatherer of images.” 


In this series, several large-scale, graphic compositions in stone lithography, including ConstellationsMadrigal I, II and III, and Green Excavation, evoke his minimalist paintings and depict a rhythmic, intuitive mapping language. In contrast, his Topologies are transformations of aerial iPhone snapshots. Produced in the form of lithographic photogravures, they recall the color and texture of graphite drawings. Together they reflect his personal, poetic and warm brand of abstraction. 


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