Danielle Orchard


Danielle Orchard (b. 1985, Indiana) melds the forms of twentieth-century modernism with the mood of twenty-first-century narratives. She maintains a consistent interest in the figure, composing scenes that offer intimate views into women’s personal moments and spaces, ultimately reclaiming the male gaze. Often, her works include plot clues—a burning cigarette, men’s watch or half-eaten slice of pizza—that grant viewers the opportunity to analyze and decode the subject’s current psychological state. Her confident use of line and color gives her work an air of immediacy while allowing for extended gestures of rendering and stylization.

Orchard holds a BFA from Indiana University and an MFA from Hunter College. In 2019, the artist completed a residency at Tamarind Institute, producing an impressive collection of prints. In 2021, she set her auction record at $287,000 for her painting Two Bathers at Christie’s New York. The artist is represented by Perrotin Gallery and lives in Brooklyn, New York.