Louise Bourgeois


Louise Joséphine Bourgeois (b. 1911-2010, France) was a French-American artist known for her bold, sculptural forms in both two and three dimensions. A prolific sculptor, printmaker and painter, Bourgeois’s artistic practice was inspired by her own experiences and became her coping mechanism. The artist once declared that “art is a guarantee of sanity.”

Bourgeois is the recipient of many honors, including the 1983 Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters, the 1991 Grand Prix National de Sculpture; the 1997 National Medal of Arts, the 2008 French Legion of Honor Medal, and the first lifetime achievement award from the International Sculpture Center in Washington D.C. The artist has been included in countless biennales and solo exhibitions, and her works are found in prestigious collections internationally, including the Tate (London), Museum of Modern Art (New York) and Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris).


Related Works

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